Clearly, January is the summit of winter here in the mid-Atlantic. It has been super gross and grey and downright depressing this entire month.

I even managed to get the flu, which took me out of commission for a whole week.

Now that I’m super well again, I’m ready to get out there and do things that the promise of a whole new year ahead of me calls for.

But the weather doesn’t agree with me. We’ve been dealing with below-freezing temperatures, random snow and ice storms, and generally all the weather that makes one decide to move to the Caribbean, stat!

As a result, I have done nothing but go from home to work and back again. And that commute, which is long enough as is (1.5 hours each way) is starting to take even longer due to the weather.

So I’m feeling rather cabin feverish.

I’m trying to find things to do around my apartment that would give me some sort of creative outlet, something — anything! — that would lift my spirits and draw my mind away from the miserable weather and cold. But instead, I find myself staring at the same four walls, refreshing the same sites hoping for something interesting to pop up to distract me for all of 30 seconds, desperately browsing netflix for some undiscovered treasure.

So now I’m turning to you, dear readers. What instantly picks up your day? What changes to your routine do you implement when you reach a rut? How do you chase away the winter blues (or rather, greys)?