I’ve been watching “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” for a few months now, but have only just now completely caught up to the most recent episode. If you haven’t heard of or seen “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” here’s the first episode – I’ll wait while you watch:

Basically, this is a web series created by Hank Green (brother of novelist John Green) and Bernie Su that retells Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in vlog format. And it’s brilliant! The actors are wonderful, the dialogue is on target, and it’s certainly worth watching.

But it’s got me thinking.

You see, I identify with Lizzie Bennet (as portrayed here, not always in the book or other adaptations), and as I’ve been contemplating the path I want my life to follow recently (as is the prerogative of all 20-somethings, non?), it has raised some considerations for me.

First of all: I. Want. Her. Wardrobe.

But I digress.

By the end of the last episode (number 80 at the time of this writing!), I was thinking more along the lines of what it is that this version of Lizzie is doing, and studying: basically, new media.

You see, in college, instead of choosing a regular major, I went ahead and created my own interdisciplinary major that explored new methods of communication throughout history. I even wrote my thesis on blogs! However, since graduation two three (eek!) years ago, I haven’t really thought about any of that. Instead, I’ve been more focused on finding a job in traditional publishing. Which is all well and good, but what if I’ve been too focused on that?

Watching these “Diaries” and seeing not only what Lizzie has been studying and the fictional companies she’s been shadowing, but also just looking at the vlogs themselves as an example of what it is she is trying to do (I know, circles!) is really making me wonder what other paths might be available to me at this point.

I already know that I have a passion for new media, so what if I started looking at ways that I might harness that interest for both my current job and for the job that I might want in the future? There are many different approaches to the world of publishing – if, indeed, that’s where I want to head. Perhaps I’ve blinded myself to other options by focusing so much on something that’s essentially been a dream since childhood.

I’m not sure where I’m going to go with these thoughts, but I’m going to keep watching Lizzie, keep thinking, and keep questioning. And see where it takes me!