I’ve recently (well, comparatively) come across two different “Day in the Life” posts on blogs that I follow, and was utterly entranced by them. When reading someone’s blog, sure you’re discovering certain parts of their lives, but it’s different when you are given a glimpse into what the rest of their uncurated days are like.

And so it go me thinking. My current day in the life would go something like:

6:30am Wake up
7:15am Hop on the train
8:30am Arrive at work
5:00pm Leave work
6:30pm Arrive home
10:30pm Go to bed

But I’ve also been thinking quite a bit recently about what I want to do in the future – how I want to grow in my chosen field, etc. And while I understand that life is unpredictable enough that making too-detailed of a plan could lead to disappointment, I’m thinking visualizing my ideal “day in the life” would be a good exercise.

So, without further ado, or actual timestamps, I present to you my ideal day:

Wake up early
Cup of tea number one
Bang out a couple hundred or even a thousand words of whatever project I’m working on
Catch up on social media and the news in the world (I might even read an actual newspaper if I live somewhere where it wouldn’t be stolen right off my front step!)
Cup of tea number two (and maybe even some breakfast! Daring, I know)
Look over my to-do list for the rest of the day and craft a plan of attack to cross off as many things as possible on that thing
Head to work, hopefully within 20 minutes of where I live
Have fabulously awesome work day that challenges and excites me
Take care of a few errands on my way home from work
Make dinner (hopefully for two!)
Relax, catch up on reading, stay off the computer
Bed time!

Hm. Looks like I was veering into the working-from-home spectrum at the beginning there, and then went in the opposite direction to getting out of the house and interacting with actual human beings! Guess I’m not as ready to consider working for myself as I thought….

Obviously, I left quite a bit out of this first pass and should probably look at that one piece that says, “Have fabulously awesome work day that challenges and excites me,” but in all honesty, I am too tired to grapple with that today, so let’s revisit that this weekend, hm?

What would your ideal “day in the life” look like?