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El boyo and I have been dating for over five years now, so it’s bound to come up: when are we getting married? We’re in our mid-twenties, it’s time. Or so they say.

(My parents are terrified and change the subject if anyone brings it up.)

He and I have talked about it of course, especially since those engagement announcements on Facebook start cropping up more and more.

For myself, I can’t see my life without him. But marriage? That’s scary. And uncertain.

Sure, it’s fun to dream about our wedding day, and our life together afterward, but I still feel like I’m not nearly old enough to get married. So whenever someone asks, I say that we’re not really even considering it until each of us has more stability in our lives (and maybe even living in the same city!).

But tonight, I finally got around to watching the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey (spoiler alert coming up if you haven’t seen it! And if you haven’t – what are you waiting for?!).

At the end of the episode, Matthew finally proposes to Mary. And it’s clear that it’s simply because they are simply so in love with each other that they simply can’t not get married.

I was giddy. And then thoughtful.

That’s how I want my proposal to be. Sure, you see all the websites and videos and photos from epic proposals and weddings, each trying to convince you that that’s the only way to do it. It must be big and bold and grand and epic in so many ways. But all you need is one knee in the snow.

It really is that simple. And that really is what I want. It’s nice to be reminded of this instead of being swept away by Pinterest and wedsites, etc, etc, etc.

I’m not a big, grand gesture sort of person. Sure, it could be nice, but I just want to be swept away with how much I love him and can’t imagine living another day without him.

All I want, all it needs to be, is two people so in love, there’s no one who can see them that doubt it. And I want that to be my guiding principle for my proposal (in whatever capacity I have a say in this) and our wedding.

Love really is all you need.

(Off to watch Love Actually!)