I’m a hoarder. I’m absolutely terrible at removing material items from my horde.  Unfortunately, that’s no way to live.

Now, I’m not about to go all minimalist and rid myself of everything but the absolute essentials. That’s going too far.

However, I am going to doing something necessary and terribly overdue: The Great Closet Clean Out of 2012.

I  have a multitude of clothes, some dating all the way back to middle school. And while technically they may still fit me physically, they no longer fit the image I have of myself, the image I would prefer to convey to the world at large.

And thank goodness! Who wants to be the same person they were in middle, or even high school? Not me! *shudder*

Thus, this weekend I’m going to take out every single piece of clothing from my closet and ruthlessly cull the herd. Just thinking about it gives me a combination of shivers of terror and delight.

Have you ever pared down your closet? How’d it go? I may need some emotional support this weekend…