I’ve had such an insane last few months, with weddings and family events and work events and everything all over the place making it impossible to keep to a schedule. So I’ve resolved that this, my first week with absolutely nothing planned, is going to be my “Goal” week.

I have three major goals for this week, hoping at least one will spark a habit that I can continue beyond just this week.

  1. Wake up a half-hour earlier than usual to exercise. It doesn’t matter what sort of exercise, just so long as it makes my heart race and body sweat. Which isn’t hard, considering how out of shape I am… It’s been too hot recently (it is July, after all) for me to go running, as I have attempted in the past. However, my roommate has a Wii, so I’m hoping there are some programs on there I can use to jump-start me.
  2. Eat no sugary delicacies or treats. I am a chocoholic, and whenever I’m hungry, I automatically go for the sugary stuff. No more! This week is all about being healthy, body and soul, so I’m cutting out the sugar. Except for natural ones. Gotta have my fruit! I have done this before, again for a week, and it was fabulous, but HARD. So I know I can do it for a week at least.
  3. Write something every day. I constantly have so many ideas swirling around in my head, but absolutely no dedication to writing any of them down. That will change. It must. This is my number one goal for this week, and the number one thing I hope will kick off a habit.

Wish me luck!