I rarely have the occasion to work from home with my job, so when it comes up, I tend to relish it and make a big long list of all the writing projects I’ve had sitting on my to-do list forever that I can do so much more easily far away from the distractions of my fabulous co-workers.

However, I have a roommate who is able to work from home whenever she damn well feels like it. And I’ve noticed a peculiar trend: whenever I work from home, there she is!

In a larger apartment/house, this would perhaps be more acceptable. However, we do not quite have enough space to totally be separate while doing work, and thus I feel like whatever I am doing, she is there, reading over my shoulder. Metaphorically of course.

But metaphorically or not, that totally cramps my style, if you’ll forgive the turn of phrase. The one or two times she has not been here, I feel so much more productive than the multitude of times I feel like I’m being judged for my work ethic and whatnot.

Now, we can debate the validity of these feelings until the cows come home (which, as I live in the city, they are rather unlikely to do). Regardless, it hampers my productivity and my list tends to grow in size rather than shrink since I spend my time trying to find things to do I don’t mind being judged on instead of accomplishing my fabulous project list.

I still haven’t figured out a way around these feelings. Have you ever dealt with a similar situation? How did you get over it?