First things first: I love television. I love movies. I love amazing, well-written stories on the big or small screen. I love cheesy, insane stories as well. But I love them on my terms.

Since moving in to my first apartment with my roommate from college, we have had the “tradition” if you will of plopping down in the living room in front of the television from the time we get home, through dinner, and until we head to bed.

A few weeks ago, she went home for a few days, over a weekend and then a few weekdays.

And I did not turn on the tv.

And it was glorious.

Since then, I have made it a goal not to watch any tv during the week, and then catch up on my shows on the weekends, on my schedule. The main problem with watching them during the week when they air originally is not the ads, since those appear on OnDemand and online as well, but rather how easy it is to watch something else before and after that show instead of just that show.

Since then, I have been instead reading, writing, creating more than before. It’s been fabulous!

Except my roommate continues to have the tv on from the moment she gets home until she goes to bed, which is always after me. From having visited her parents house, I understand that this is mostly a learned habit, and it’s just white noise to her. But it’s annoying to me. It’s always blaring, always loud.

Our apartment is big, but not big enough that I have somewhere else to escape to besides my bedroom, and thus my bed, which is problematic for my sleep problems. The best days for me are those when she works late, because it means at least an hour of quiet time for me.

But I didn’t intend for this to become a screed about my roommate issues. Rather, it’s something that I’ve been noticing in my life, something that I’m curious about, both my subconscious feelings and intentions, and perhaps hers. It’s all wrapped up in a series of posts I’ve been considering writing about different ways to think about living life.

But now I’m really getting off topic, so I shall end here, and instead ask you: what are your feelings about television? Something that should be removed from all households as it hinders development in other, better areas, such as art and writing? Or something that should be incorporated into everyday life as a matter of fact? Or somewhere in between?