Growing up, I never paid much attention to what I wore. High school was filled with grungy jeans and massive sweatshirts.

When I reached college, my self-confidence grew, and with it, my consideration of my wardrobe. I discovered dresses and skirts and flowing pants, oh my!

Today, working in an office that requires me to dress semi-professionally (i.e. no jeans, but pretty much anything else goes), I revel in wearing dresses and skirts of all lengths and styles as many days as the weather allows.* My winter/bad weather wardrobe still needs a good deal of updating, but since it’s only the beginning of sunshine season, I think I can give myself a bit of leeway there.

But the point is, I care. When I put on clothing that I adore, I feel FABULOUS. I feel glamorous and joyous. I feel like I can do anything. And who wouldn’t want to feel that way?

I still have a long way to go before I feel that way every single day, but I am learning. I am experimenting with my current wardrobe** and when I find an outfit that I adore, I find excuses to wear it at least once a week. I need more. But it takes time, and cultivation, so for now, I am reveling in what I can, and aiming for a brighter, more glamorous future!

Who’s with me?

*And since recent weather shifts have allowed such behavior, a coworker was shocked when he realized I was wearing pants the other day because he had grown so used to me in skirts 😛

** Someday soon I’m going to need to do a huge purge of my closet. I need to get rid of what doesn’t fit, what I don’t like, and discover old pieces that I love, yet are currently buried beneath heaps of stuff. Someday…