I stayed home from work today after I woke up with an incredibly intense headache, though not with my usual migraine symptoms. And it turned out to be the perfect day to stay home: miserably grey and rainy.

And just now it turned into a thunderstorm.

I spent the day doing my usual sick-day activities, e.g. drinking tea (well, I do this anyway I suppose), watching trashy television, constantly refreshing my Google Reader and Twitter feeds, and maybe reading a bit.

But now I’m wishing I could go back and start the day over.

I want a quiet day.

I surround myself with sounds, and start to feel uncomfortable when I don’t have it. However, when I made dinner, I forced myself to just sit at the dining table and simply listen to the rain. No turning on iTunes. No radio. No television. Just me and the rain.

And it was delightful. Of course.

So now I’m sitting here, immensely enjoying the rain and the chance to relax without forcing my brain to work a mile a minute.

I know I’ve blogged about such things before, but it is remarkable. This silence thing. Even though it’s not technically silence, it’s uncontrolled noise, sans human voices. Which is delightfully relaxing.

This makes me even more excited for my vacation to the mountains next week! But more on that later…

For now, I shall focus on making sure I’m not sick when it comes time to leave on that vacation. And on enjoying the rain.