I surround myself with sound constantly. Walking down the street? Ipod at the ready. Making dinner? Radio’s on. Fiddling with my computer? Wasting time on the Internet? Itunes or the tv blasting.

Yet it is when I find myself alone, with no noise but the street outside my window and the thoughts in my head that I find myself truly thinking. Truly creating. Truly inspired.

This evening, doing a rather large backlog of dishes and trying not to sake my roommate up with any loud noises, I found myself at the mercy of just such a silence.

And I composed not one, but three blog posts in my head (of which this is one) .

And I know that such circumstances are most conducive to not only my creativity, but my productivity. Yet it seems to only occur every once in a blue moon. I’m not really sure how to tap into that energy. Tonight, the mere act of eating dinner between the time that I had felt so inspired, so ready to sit down and write all night long, caused my usual block to arise and defeat the forces of Light that had taken over ever so briefly.

And so I am typing this furiously before heading to bed, hoping this night is jot a complete wash, vowing to do better on the morrow, over the weekend, yet knowing that that will never happen.

The feeling, the energy, will just float away into the ether, like the silence from whence it was born.