I’ve always said that I’m not an “experience” person. I’m not the type of person who always wants to go out into the world, travel to exotic locations, etc just for the sake of the experience.

Then I wander over to my Twitter feed and see a word that recalls an experience, a wonderful time in my life, and I question myself.

Today, that word was “cuttlefish.” A few years ago, I was in Vienna, Austria, on a brief study abroad trip, and we went out one night to a restaurant in a butterfly garden. Some people got more than a little tipsy, and one started telling us all about his favorite animal: the cuttlefish. He even tried to show us what a cuttlefish looked like.

If you have no idea what that might be (as none of us did at the time), here is a cuttlefish.

That night – indeed, that entire trip – is one of the highlights of my life. I will always regret losing my diary of our time there when my computer crashed, before I learned to make backups.

And so it makes me question my conviction that I am not an “experience” person.

But the conclusion I have come to today (which could always change next time I start questioning this) is that I’m a “good times with good friends” person.

And I think that’s what many “experience” people are at heart. They’re just more willing/able to make new friends wherever they go, whilst I, an introvert, am often exhausted just trying to keep up with the many amazing friends I currently have.

And that’s ok.