My roommate decided to take an extended Thanksgiving break, only coming home today, while the rest of us minions had to go back to work on Monday. Over the break, I too had stayed with my parents, despite the fact that we live only 15 minutes away from them. Thus, these last three days were my first living completely on my own in quite some time.

And I discovered that I rather enjoyed it!

I made dinner without worrying about anyone else’s tastes. I cheerfully cleaned up after myself without any resentment towards a roommate who has a propensity not to do the same.*

AND I didn’t even turn on the television the entire time she was gone. It was amazingly blissful. I feel like one of those crazy people who get rid of their television and claim it was the best thing that they ever did. Except they’re not crazy!**

Now that dear ol’ roomie is back, however, I must find a way to recapture those feelings of bliss and harmony without causing ripples in our relationship.

But that’s a problem for another evening. For now, I am thankful for these past few days. And that is that.


*I must admit, in the interest of fairness, that upon her homecoming this evening, she actually cleaned up after herself, and took care of a few things laying about that had been driving me nuts, but that I didn’t feel completely comfortable tossing for her.

**Ask me if I feel this way in two weeks.