This weekend, I had the best of intentions of having a fabulous, intense writing binge, with the remote thought of the possibility of writing enough to feel as if this year could be a NaNoWriMo year.

Instead, I caught up on all the television shows I missed in the past week, due to my busy schedule (Once Upon a Time, Castle, Hawaii Five-O, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Criminal Minds, and Grimm, for those of you keeping score at home). I also finished the second season of Pushing Daisies, as well as the last third of the first season of How I Met Your Mother and two-thirds of the second season.

I also went grocery shopping.

But I didn’t do any writing, except for what you see here.

However, I did have multiple ideas swirling in my mind for what I could have been writing about. And most of these ideas sprang from that Pushing Daisies marathon last night, a fact that should inspire little surprise in those of you who are fans of the show.

Thus, when I finally stopped my television binge last night at, oh, 1 a.m., I decided not to enter my NaNoWriMo Google Doc and begin typing furiously, since I knew that once I started writing, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

Granted, that is the point of NaNoWriMo, and in hind sight, it would have been nice to get that jump start, yet considering the jolt of adrenaline that always accompanies such writing spurts, I judged my sleep more important.

But back to my original topic…

I have begun to identify those things that inspire me the most, hoping to tap into them when the time is more appropriate, and in the process have begun to identify the genre I believe I would most enjoy writing about: magical realism.

My favorite books and television series are those that are set either in our world, or a recognizable approximation of our world, yet all with some touch of magic that elevates the story.

My problem is over thinking things, however (thus my lack of taking advantage of prime writing time last night).

So maybe I’ll be able to take advantage of my upcoming three-day weekend, and try to write the 20,000? words that need to happen to stay on track for NaNoWriMo. Actually, I think if I write 20,000 words this whole month, I will be a happy camper.

What inspires you? Maybe I need a new mental-caffeination source – can I borrow yours?