At work today, the head of our marketing department called me into his office to chat with me about the direction of our forthcoming new company website. For context: our company has an extremely dated website that does not reflect the forward-thinking, extremely creative force that is our company, but our director has been hesitant to change it for a variety of reasons. Things have come to the place where no one can deny that we need a COMPLETE overhaul of our online presence.

Being extremely interested in such things, I have volunteered to help with whatever I can concerning our web presence from the time I started almost a year ago (omg, I’ve been an adult for almost a year now! Freakout session to come in a later post…). I’ve been helping out with posts on our company’s Facebook page, and certainly making a name for myself around the office as someone who is knowledgeable about computers in general, and social media things, including website building, etc.

However, the person that I’ve been helping with the Facebook posts is the other half of the marketing team, and she’s one of my good friends in the office, since we’re fairly close in age, and share many of the same (GEEKY!) interests (*cough* Doctor Who */cough*). And of course she is interested on taking on a lot of the responsibilities of the new website as well.

So today I realized how much I really do want to be an integral part of the team that manages this website as we move into the future. The problem is that this essentially puts me in direct competition with this other girl, my friend, whom we shall name Julie for the sake of this post.

While Julie and I are very similar in certain ways, there are others where we disagree completely, and I find myself running into those areas whenever we are working together on a project, like, say, an in-depth Facebook post, of the sort we would probably put on our website, had it the capability. It’s very hard to pin down exactly where the problem lies, but I do know that a very very large portion of it is that she is the type of person to run rampant over you in any conversation, and will rarely, if ever, slow down enough to let you get a word in edgewise, unless she specifically asks you a question. And even then, when you answer, she usually interprets it as she will, despite any protestations, and runs with it.

Deep breath.

This gets under my skin for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Thus, my concern over the future work on our company’s website. I think I could manage it and do an absolutely fantastic job. In fact, I know I could. And I had a bloody fantastic time discussing it with the director of marketing this morning without Julie present, as she usually is since she’s the other half of the department.

But we both recognize that the other really wants to take a lead role in the management of this site, and I for one don’t know how to proceed.

I’m not an aggressive person. I’m a people pleaser. Sure, I’ll make snarky comments to Julie if I disagree with her, but I won’t stop the conversation and make her listen to me. I will go with it, even as I express my displeasure.

And I’m not the type of person that would go whining to her supervisor if I feel she’s running rampant over me. I would just let it happen.

I don’t know how to reconcile the passion that I feel for this project with my desire not to hurt any one else’s feelings.

Admittedly, Jason, my boyfriend, after I vented much of this frustration-combined-with-desire concerning this website project, offered to do anything he could to help, “up to and including opponent sabotage/assassination” – so there’s that.

Anyone have any hints for navigating such a situation? Or just medicate with chocolate and call again in the morning?