I don’t know about you, but when I’m forced to stay home sick, I like to curl up with a cup of tea and the same few movies. My current go-to movies for a sick day are Penelope with Christina Ricci and James McAvoy (need I say more?), and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, with Frances McDormand, Amy Adams, and Lee Pace (again, need I say more?). Both are fairy-tale-esque, the former more overtly than the latter. However, both are absolutely gorgeous, with amazing sets and costumes, and of course fabulous casts! And yes, I am totally in love with Lee Pace. James McAvoy ain’t bad either 🙂

In case you haven’t seen them, here are the trailers, first for Penelope:

And Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day:

If you haven’t seen either, and want a feast for your eyes, watch them and let me know what you think!