I’ve had this project percolating in the back of my mind for over a year now, and I’ve partially been waiting for just the right time to do it, and partially completely terrified of diving in without any sort of safety net or anyone to tell me if I’m doing it right or wrong. But I’m tired of that. And I am just so JAZZED right now about this project that I can’t hold back any longer and need to dive right in and tell myself I can do this.

Nay, not tell. Just do.

I actually registered the domain for this project over a year ago, shocked that it hadn’t yet been taken. And it has just sat there, doing nothing, with nothing uploaded or anything.

Just last week, I was notified that the domain registration expired, and I though, Okay, that’s no big deal, I was never going to do anything with it anyway. Plus, I’m sure that name is actually being used by someone else, and I would be stepping into possible copyright issues if I renewed it…. [excuses, excuses!]

But that notification email brought the project back to the forefront of my mind, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since.

So I’m doing it. Tonight. I’m renewing the domain, linking it with a WordPress.org site, setting everything up, and I’m going to start writing posts. Tonight.


Wish me luck!

Have any of you done something like this?  Am I crazy? (Well, we all know I am, but in a good way generally (hopefully!) – so am I crazy in a bad way? GAHH)