Or: It’s the little things in life that can infuriate you or make life that much sweeter.

(Fair warning: what follows are the rantings of a crazy person. We will return to our regularly scheduled (ha!) posts posthaste. Once this is off my chest. (Blogging – the cheapest form of therapy!))

I trekked home from the train tonight in the rain and generally blustery weather and came into my apartment to find my roommate ensconced on the couch (standard) watching some horrendous soul-crushing/mind-numbingly awful show (not so standard).

I dropped my umbrella by the door and headed to the other end of the apartment to drop my things in my room. Discovered that my coat hanger in the hall closet had mysteriously gone missing and so had to track down another one to replace the one I had removed my coat from just that morning.

Took off my “commuter shoes” (rather undignified sneakers) and threw on some slippers and headed to the kitchen to make myself some dinner since I was starving.

Discovered that my roommate had not bothered to wash any of her dishes nor attempt to put away any of the dishes that I had washed that morning. However, she had removed the trash from the can and replaced the bag. But instead of taking it the 5 feet outside our door to the trash cans outside our building, had left it in the kitchen.

So I put shoes back on, and took out the trash. Then I put away the dry dishes and washed the rest in the sink. And made myself some dinner, actually washing things up and putting them away as I went along.

And instead of joining my roommate to have my soul crushed and my mind turned to mush, I actually ate dinner at our dining room table. And then wrote a thank-you note. And then logged online to check on blogs, etc. And here I am, finally writing a post after weeks of radio silence.

HARK! Another horrendous show chosen by my dear roommate. (Note: I generally have nothing against shows that aren’t exactly of the highest caliber – goodness knows I have enough of those that I love – but insipid reality shows that are nothing but intended to put people down and make you feel better about your own life are another matter entirely).

Despite the rather aggravating nature of my homecoming, I’m actually feeling rather good about tonight. I got things done. I just took care of them instead of constantly thinking and doubting and saying I would do it later instead of right now while I’m thinking about it.

And I finished a rather awesome book tonight on the train. One which I actually think I’ll write a review of on here. So look out for that!

And if you’ve made it this far in my ramblings, kudos and a million internets to you!

What this all really boils down to is that I was forced out of my regular routine, namely coming home, plopping down on the couch to watch whatever happened to be on at the time, eating some random dinner, and basically wasting away the night consuming various media that entertain in the moment but do nothing in the long run.

Tonight, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve even created something, even if it is as self-centered as this here blog post. And I haven’t done that in a while. I missed it.

This has been a good night.