In a recent interview, Stephen Moffat, the current head writer and producer of Doctor Who, responded to a question thusly:

AX: You have alluded to the fact that whenever the Doctor regenerates and is played by an actor who is new to the role, the audience is looking for what’s the same within the Doctor, instead of looking for what’s different. What do you think is the same core thing that’s gone through all of the Doctors?

MOFFAT: All of DOCTOR WHO? I think the character is identical. He’s not really different at all. He’s insatiably curious, morally passionate and loves life and adventure. I think fundamentally it’s the same man. It’s the same man for a very long time, in very different ways.

When I read that, I immediately thought, “That’s me!” So, if you’re looking for a quick description of me, look no further than this:

I am insatiably curious, morally passionate, and I love life and adventure (though perhaps more of the armchair variety…)