This week I feel like I have been on fire, creatively speaking. Throughout the day, my mind is racing with possibilities for things I want to write about, things I want to draw, paint, create.

And it’s an odd feeling for me. I usually create in fits and spurts, but not usually across a period of time such as this.

And of course this is a good thing! Except… I’m at work usually. So I can’t exactly follow through with most of these urges, except to write down the feeling and hope it comes back later when I get the chance to do something about it.

And so I head home with all these thoughts and plans for creating when I get home, and then, two hours later, when I do get home (yup, wicked long commute, I know), I have lost that spark. I’m just exhausted.

And it is infinitely frustrating! I’m having these urges to create that are just firing me up in a way I don’t think I’ve ever felt before! I mean, I’m not a painter! I can’t remember the last thing I’ve painted or even wanted to paint since, like, kindergarten and all that finger-painting. And yet the other day, my fingers were practically itching to pick up some watercolors and paint a jellyfish of all things!

So  here I am, trying to figure out how to tap into these unrealized creative juices with the craziness that is a full-time job that takes a lot of mental energy, and a two hour commute, each way. I know people do it, I just need to figure out what works for me.

Any suggestions? What works for you?