I am the queen of the unfinished post, the half-baked idea, the barely legible scrawl on a post-it.

I started this blog about, oh, two weeks ago, and started off with a bang! One, two, three, four posts in a row! Wow!

And then I stopped. I ran out of steam, out of time, and out of finger-strength.

Now, all I have to show are a few half-written posts on my dashboard, a lengthy list of potential topics to discuss in my email drafts box, a handful of YouTube videos added to a “To Blog” playlist, and a handful of post-it notes attached to my handy-dandy notebook with names and phrases I’m not sure even I know the relevence of.

But you know what? That is a-ok with me.

That’s the fun part of blogging–being completely surrounded by ideas, with each one giving birth to a dozen more.

And I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

So stick with me, dear reader. The journey has just begun, but oh, what a journey it will be!