According to my favorite Google Calendar, Geek Holidays, today is Embrace Your Geekness Day. So what better way to celebrate than by enumerating the many facets of my geekness?

Let’s get started, shall we?

A is for Apple – I’m not a rabid fan by any stretch of the imagination (Windows all the way, baby!) but no matter who you are you have to admit their ipod empire is nothing short of genius

B is for Back to the Future – My favorite trilogy of all time (yes, beating even LOTR!), and one I have watched more time than I can count.

C is for castle – as in, “Castle,” medieval European castles, and I Capture the Castle. Or, one of my favorite TV shows that can always cheer me up,  a serious of places I would love to tour one day, and one of my favorite books ever.

D is for Doctor Who – I’m a fairly recent convert, having discovered it by happenstance last spring, but I have seen all of the new-Who episodes at least once, and am looking into catching up on some classic-Who once I can figure out a systematic way to approach it (suggestions are welcome!)

E is for earwax. As in, “Alas, earwax.” My life is full of random quotes from anything on this list that pop into my head at random intervals (e.g. business meetings!) when they’re *technically* appropriate in context but not in mood.

F is for fanfiction – my college roommate introduced me to Harry Potter fanfiction and the rest is history. I have read a plethora of arguments both for and against fanfic, and while I understand the opposition, I can’t ignore the vast number of fanfics that have absolutely blown me away with how well-written they are – some even better than the source material!

G is for Google – I’m a fan of Google as a search engine, and Gmail, but, while I see the appeal of some of their other services, I prefer not to use much beyond these two tasks (i.e. I use WordPress over Blogger, obviously). But I love how Google has defined the Internet in so many ways and find it endlessly fascinating, from an anthropological? sociological? whatever! standpoint.

H is for Harry Potter – Years upon years ago, when there was only one HP book published, a friend of mine chose it for our mother-daughter book club. I remember almost not making it through the first chapter, but I persevered for the sake of the club. Now I’m in my 20s, and have read all the books countless times, attended midnight showings, and read reams of fanfiction. I am an unabashed Potterhead.

I is for illiteracy groups – My life has been so shaped by the joy of reading that I wholeheartedly believe that books can change lives. As a result, I go out of my way to support groups that combat illiteracy and support freedom of the arts and the right to read what you want (Speak Loudly!)

J is for Joss WhedonFirefly and Dr. Horrible. Need I continue?

K is for Kindle – I bought my Kindle about 3 years ago now (what!? how did that happen?!) and have used it practically daily since. I have discovered favorite new authors, read those classics that I’d never before gotten around to, and figured out how to read lengthy fanfics without killing my eyes on a computer screen!

L is for languages (esp Latin!) – When I started high school, I decided to sign up for both French and Latin, not understanding that you weren’t really supposed to do that. Nonetheless, it was a tradition that continued through college. While I have had many teachers in both languages, two of my Latin teachers – one in high school, one in college – stand out in my mind as some of my all-time favorite teachers, teachers whose classes I would sign up for no matter what the subject matter. But I’ll leave the rest of my gushing for another post. Suffice to say, I love learning different (dead!) languages!

M is for musicals – Somewhere along the way I became addicted to the magic that is musical theater. Why can’t my life break out into song and dance at the drop of a hat? Oh yea, I can’t sing to save my life…

N is for Neil Gaiman – I’m actually not a gigantic fan of his published work the way some people are, but am a big fan of who he is as a person. I quite enjoy reading his blog and following him on Twitter and have a lot of respect for him. Maybe I’ll give his published work another shot someday…

O is for owls. What can I say? I’m slightly obsessed. And I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that owls are popular in fashion these days…

P is for professors – Ok, confession time. I follow a lot of professors’ blogs. No professors that I took classes from in college, or who even taught at my university, but just random professors from all over the country, in all different disciplines. Basically, I love the world of academia, and will almost certainly return there someday, and reading these blogs makes me feel like a part of that world still. And it’s addicting!

Q is for queries – Fine, time for another confession. Though I have no plans to ever publish a book, I love reading blogs like Query Shark, where people discuss how to best write a book query to an agent. Actually, it started that way, and then morphed into an all-over love of reading about the publishing process. Which I suppose is a natural extension of my love of reading, but still. I needed a Q!

R is for River Song – River Song, and all other strong female characters in any narrative anywhere, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, comedy, everything. I grew up in a rather conservative household, and only relatively recently have come into an appreciation of feminism, so I recognize the effect such characters can have on a girl like me, at all points in one’s life.

S is for Sherlock – I’m a sucker for Sherlock Holmes. Old, new, steampunk, neo-Victorian. However he is represented, I will read or watch it.

T is for thesaurus – I love words, and will often search for hours for the perfect fit for what I have in mind. Especially when attempting to name a new venture of mine…

U is for ululate – One of my favorite words. That is all. Continue on.

V is for vintage – My style has always leaned more towards the vintage. I love things that have a story, have a history behind them, and with vintage, I get both awesome style and awesome stories!

W is for webcomicsGirl Genius. xkcd. Questionable Content. Hark, a vagrant. PHD Comics. Sheldon. The Battle of Dovecote Crest. Wondermark. Just to name a few…

X is for X-Men – Actually, I’m going to cheat a little on this and expand it to all superhero movies and television shows. In high school, I had heart surgery and was out of it for quite a while, and discovered Smallville. Since then, I have an affinity for all superhero movies and shows, no matter how cheesy or bad.

Y is for YES!YES! is a magazine devoted to how idea can change the world for the better, essentially. Also, I like being a “yes” person!

Z is not for zombie – I like vampires. I like werewolves. I like fairies. I like just about any kind of supernatural creature, but zombies have never done anything for me. Being a geek means being able to decide not only what you do like and support and will shout from the rooftops for, but also that which you do not like. And I do not like zombies. The end.