While today started off relatively well (having slept through the night, though not nearly long enough!), by the end of the workday, it was pretty craptastic.

Towards the end of my work day, I developed a migraine, complete with auras, as always. For those of you lucky enough not to be migraine sufferers, an aura is when it seems like something is blocking your vision in some way – I get crescents of light. Fun times. So I took some migraine pills, waited for the auras to pass so I could finish off a few things and head home.

Then I was delayed at work. So I had to rush to catch the Metro. Practically jogging in today’s 100-degree heat. Then the Metro was crowded, naturally, and I had to be rather vocal about people actually moving to the center of the car to allow others on.

And then the escalators weren’t working. As I’ve become used to in DC. But the single-file line to ascend the non-moving elevator was long and not moving. Lovely.

Then it was time to run yet again for my train home, as it was not only on the furthest, but on the far end of the furthest track, meaning behind another train.


The train leaves on time, only to crawl along the tracks. The conductor announces it’s the result of an earlier delay, and all trains are backed up. It takes us three times as long to get to the first stop as normal.

I resign myself to a 1-hour ride turning into a 3-hour ride. And begin to furiously text with anyone who could possibly talk to me, since my only book was fantastically bad, and I was all caught up on Twitter.

Did I mention there were no seats, so I was standing among other gloriously sweaty commuters? Fun times!

And then the heavens smile on me.

A friend of mine from college, with whom I’ve been playing phone tag for going on a month now! calls me, and we have a fantastic chat for almost an hour, despite me dropping the call every 20 minutes as we move in and out of dead zones along the route. It was perfect.

It’s truly amazing how I can get into such a narrow little tunnel for a time, and just shrink my world down to just those things and people that I absolutely have to interact with, such as my job, my commute, my family, and the two friends who live near me.

And then I have an impetus to reach out to someone beyond that tunnel, and suddenly everything is just better.

It’s something I need to remind myself of over and over again. Things like Facebook and Twitter make us feel like we’re connected to old friends, all the while introducing us to new, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. There are too many voices rolling around for any individual to stand out and make that personal connection, to make your day that much sunnier so quickly.

We need that more. I need that more.